Tencent QQ for Mac

Posted: February 16, 2008 in 愚人谬语
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Recently Tencent has released its first QQ client in Mac OS, which is named QQ for Mac. Although it’s only in preview phase, it might be a big step for Tencent and also a great news for those Mac users. Finally they can officially access QQ other than via some third party clients, i.e., LumaQQ.

Here is the official website. Hope this will be a sign that Tencent starts to respect their massive users other than only those diamond members .

Tencent is known as an money-oriented company. There are quite a few funny features in Tencent world, for example, you can kick the one you dislike out of the game, you can change tiles when playing Chinese Mahjong,  and you can even get a hand of tiles close to heavenly win, as long as you pay.

Hehe, No money, No honey.

The reason why they are still dominating the IM market in China because no one can challenge them. Microsoft wants to push its live messenger to China, but they don’t quite understand the market that they are facing.

A very common fact is the success of hao123.com in China, which seems to be quite ridiculous but very reasonable because most pc users in China know very little about computer, they want someone put all in front of them and what they need do is only to click and click. And also, this group of people are where the most amount of money come from.

Last year, the author of Coral QQ was arrested for infringing on Tencent’s intellectual property. Tencent never ask himself, why can Coral QQ be popular? Because people was annoyed by the way Tecent spreads its ADs. Even they successfully sent Chen to jail, other plugins like Piaoyun comes out.

The best way to stop people abusing you is to make you the best.


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