EEE PC 701 Review

Posted: April 30, 2008 in 愚人谬语
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After one week’s exploration, finally I have an overview of this handful of tininess.

The first (and also the biggest) annoyance is the 7-inch screen, which is surrounded by a thick black bezel and that make it look much smaller. With a resolution of 800*480, you may feel difficult to click the OK button and in the worst case, you can only use the Tab key. (ASUS have upgraded the screen to 8.9 inch in EEE PC 900)

The keyboard is really small and all the keys are positioned very close. Maybe it will be good for a thin finger.

EEE PC is delivered with a ASUS-customized Linux system; however, ASUS has disabled the shell tool so that you can only use those softwares pre-installed. Fortunately, you can reload the system to Windows XP SP2 or any other system as long as you can find the drivers.

The installation is just straitforward, following the procedure listed in user mannual. What you need is a USB DVD-ROM and a Windows XP SP2 disc, of course, genuine, *0*

With XP installed, the fun comes. You have to try your best to save the valuable free space because EEE PC 701 only includes a 4GB solid-state disk, which make system fast boot.

Windows XP SP2 takes around 800MB, Java Runtime Environment around 150MB. Before you start, 1G has gone.

Below is my SAVEing way.

  • Stop System Restore
  • Virtual Memory, it is 1.5GB by default (1GB Physical Memory), reset it to 512MB
  • Office: I installed OpenOffice. I thought it should use less amount of space than Microsoft Office. It seems that I am wrong.
  • Anti-Virus: AVG. Free and clean.
  • PDF Reader: Foxit is much more tiny than Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Media Player: KMPlayer
  • IM: One for all – Pidgin, which is formly known as Gaim, supports protocols for most popular IM including QQ and MSN.
  • Remove those unwanted Windows Components
  • Stop needless system services

After copyed some of my favourite musics and my photo collections, the left free space is 1.32GB. ASUS even suggests you to remove windows help files, and I did, lol

EEE PC has a built-in memory card reader, so a better option is to buy a SD card.

Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play, this is the advertising slogan for EEE PC. In my view, EEE PC is very good choice for travellers, lighten your baggage and also lighten your wallet; at 225 x 165 x 21mm and less than 1kg, the mobility is really superb. For others like me, it’s still not bad for your second laptop.

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