HTC Desire

Posted: April 16, 2010 in 愚人谬语
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I have made my decision on HTC Legend yesterday; however, an Indian lady in M1 Customer Service said that I must pay $100 for the early re-contract. Although another M1 Staff told me later that I can re-contract without any penalty, I still want to thank that nice lady. Without her, I will miss this HTC Desire.

HTC Legend is to compete with iPhone 3GS while HTC Desire is aiming at the next generation of iPhone. More powerful processor, bigger screen, higher resolution…

HTC Desire is very very close to Google Nexus One, both design and specs. I am kind of suprised because HTC is also the manufacturer for Google Nexus One. Maybe Google cares about the market share of Android more than his own branded smartphone. iPhone’s success is not just about its fascinating and appealing design, the tons of applications in Apple Store are more decisive. Google is definitely on the right track because the Android Market keeps growing.

The so-called iPhone 4G may be released in this June and when coming to Singapore, it will be around October. HTC Desire was released in UK last week and will be available in Singapore in the coming few weeks. I believe Apple won’t lose to HTC, but waiting is always painful.

Another reason is aesthetic fatigue. iPhone is too popular now, even an odd uncle waiting for MRT is playing with it, 🙂

Updated: Is it true that only Apple can deliver products with promised quality?
Instead of a Legend, HTC Legend seems more like a Loser now, poor quality assurance comparing with iPhone.
Can Desire be in line with my expectation? I am a little worried.
Anyway, never trust reviews.

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