Posted: June 18, 2010 in 愚人谬语
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Finally Kobe got his fifth ring, one shy of Michael Jordan’s six. A timeworn topic emerged again: Kobe and Jordan, who is the greatest?

People are talking about the number of rings. Yup, this is comparable, however, can it really define the greatness? If so, the greatest should be Bill Russell, instead of Michael Jordan. So it’s not.

It is not about whether Kobe is better, it’s all about you are downplaying someone’s beloved hero, who are unbeatable in their mind. Even Kobe finally gets his sixth, seventh, ties with or surpasses Michael Jordan, they will find another argument: hey, Jordan won all his six final, how about you?

They are looking for an all-time greatest Jordan Clone. Kobe is not.

The shame is that we will never see the prime Jordan and Kobe competes for the best. Without head to head duel, all are nothing but crap.


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