HTC Desire Review

Posted: June 24, 2010 in 愚人谬语

One month has passed since I got my HTC Desire, now I have a more complete view of it.

HTC Desire inherits most from its cousin Google Nexus One and it also has quite a few nice customization, for example, the four touch buttons beneath the screen have been replaced by physical keys, which response quicker and more accurately. HTC Sense UI is another big plus. Sense UI makes HTC stand out among other Android manufacturers. Together with many well designed widgets, the Home screen in HTC Desire is much more attractive than iPhone.

To the dark side, Desire doesn’t have the dual noise cancellation feature as in Nexus One. The voice search and voice to text functions are also traded off, but you can manually download the apk and install it. Paid apps in Android market are still not accessible in Singapore. A little bit frustrated, but still not as worse as the power button.

If you have switched your phone off before your plane takes off, do remember not put it in your pocket. A soft touch, instead of holding for a while, the phone will be waken up. This happened when i flight back to Shanghai two weeks ago.

Another big frustration is that I cannot install apps to SD card. This is an Android limitation. Desire has only 512MB ROM and Android OS will take up most of them. Although not many apps have been installed, the space is run out. Good news is that this will be fixed in Android 2.2 Froyo. Google Nexus One has got this Froyo update OTA today, Desire won’t be too late, finger crossed.

On the whole, HTC Desire is still a quite OK phone, but far from an iPhone killer. Although it has a slight edge over iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 is the best smartphone out there, without a question. I didn’t mean iPhone is the only choice. In iPhone ecosystem, everything must go through iTunes unless you break the jail. Some may get used to it and love it, but I dislike it. I like the fact that Android can install apps from SD card without breaking anything.

If you believe in openness, if you believe in choice, then welcome to Android, 🙂


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