Froyo is here

Posted: September 1, 2010 in 愚人谬语
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When I was waiting for something, I believed it would change my world, and when it finally came, I couldn’t remember what I was waiting for.

HTC released Froyo OTA update to Desire users in Asia yesterday.

I like Android, however, i dislike the Android ecosystem. In iPhone, Apple controls everything. Once Apple anounces a new update, we know it’s ready. However, in Android, too many waits are involved. Wait for Google to release an update, then wait for HTC to rebuild the update with its SenseUI, then wait for HTC to release the update OTA to your handset depending on your location, then wait for HTC to submit your handset’s fingerprint to Google, then wait for Google to acknowledge it.  Another update is on the way…

Now I am waiting for my handset to be acknowledged by Android market because I still cannot access those protected apps like Google Earth.


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