StrongVPN: Your US e-Passport

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Knowledge Base
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For what? Netflix.

My friend recommended Netflix to me because it’s much cheaper than local cable TV, but the problem is that Netflix US requires a US address.

VPN is not my option in the first place because I want some solution that can also support my TV and XBox. I tried UnoTelly which uses DNS redirection. I like this solution, but unfortunately, my dear telecom has this transparent proxy issue which brokes DNS redirection.

Now VPN became the only option I know. I read some reviews and comparisons between StrongVPN and HideMyAss. Both  are very popular, while StrongVPN is cheaper.

To set up Strong VPN is very easy, they provide both automatic and manual way  (without any installation).

Now you can connect to the new StrongVPN network. I have tried to speed test to US, it can reach around 10-20Mbps.



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