Install MIUI for HTC Desire S HBoot 2.00.002

Posted: April 6, 2014 in Knowledge Base
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The official guide in only supports HBoot 0.98, so that it’s not applicable for my device.

Firstly, I have unlocked the bootloader and installed ClockWork recovery. You can reference to my previous post if you don’t know how to unlock the bootloader.

My first attempt was just to install the MIUI ROM zip file from recovery. It failed, and nothing appeared after the HTC logo.

During the MIUI installation, there is a step updating boot image, i suspected that that’s the problem because MIUI official guide requires S-Off and Hboot 2.00.002 cannot be S-Offed by Revolutionary.

So I guess I should flash the boot image before installing the MIUI. Before flashing the boot image, you need extract it  from the miui rom zip. It’s in the root directory.

But pressing power button and volume down, the phone will directly boot to the recovery screen. I need access fastboot from bootloader.

I tried adb reboot bootloader without success.

I decided to install back the ROM (Finny CW10) that was successfully installed before. Fortunately, it succeeded.

After that, boot your phone to bootloader and select fastboot, then run the following command in your computer command prompt. (The details are in the same post mentioned above.)

fastboot flash boot the_miui_boot.img

fastboot reboot

You will be able to see the MIUI logo now. Don’t be happy too early, it may stuck there. Mine did.

I don’t have a decent solution yet. What I did and worked was to wipe data, cache and factory reset in recovery screen, then reboot. If this doesn’t work, take out the battery and wait for a while, retry. Finally, the MIUI home screen appears!

Note: If you cannot find Google Play Store after installation, you can search for Google Installer with a Chinese name 谷歌应用下载器 in MIUI’s own Market.  You can install Google Play Store via it.


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