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The reason in my case is that my Eclipse is 64bit, while my Java RTE is 32bit…


To debug in .Net is quite easy, just set the break points and attach Visual Studio to w3wp.exe (or aspnet_wp.exe in xp). But you may find the debugger never hit the break points, sometimes.

There could be a few reasons.

1. Your solution is built as Release, instead of Debug.

2. Debug is disabled in your web.config. The configuration is under compilation section, just set the debug to true.

3. The debugger is trying to debug the wrong type of code. I was debugging C# code, I attached to w3wp.exe and I used to let debugger to determine the code type, but it doesn’t work sometimes. The below screen was shown under the Solution window.

You need set the code type to Managed manually.

Most of times, the above three are caused by oversight, but sometimes it takes hours to figure it out. Hope this can help someone, 🙂

I encountered this issue in both Juno and Indigo. I downloaded the standalone package from eclipse site and found the software site list is empty when installing new software.

Amazingly, it was discussed for a few years in

To quick resolve it, I added the site manually.